Systems for food industries

Systems built by Altenrath GmbH & Co. KG are used in various parts of food industry. Starting by research and development through filling processes up to checking processes systems are manufactured in accordance with high standards of pharmaceutical industry.

Solutions for complete systems:
Planning, design, machine construction, controllers, software, assembly, maintenance and after sale service by Altenrath GmbH & Co. KG.

Weighing dosing

Powder / granulate

Filling system for powder and granulate

Type: AEW 811 KL – 814 KL-Dual
Type: AEW 311 / 411

Gravimetric filling process IP65
AEW 311


Filling system for parts
Type: AEW 811LK – 824 LK

Gravimetrical filling
VDE 166 EI (IP65 – T4/T5)

Granulate: 0,3 – 2 mm
Pellets: 2 – 10 mm

Performance: appr. 12 parts/min.
Fillingtolerance: from +/- 10 mg
Target: 2 – 150 g